Trending design impressions for your home! Las Vegas Market 2017 - a love story.

August 10, 2017


I just got back today from the Las Vegas market 2017, which is an eventful convention, presenting the latest trends in decoration and furnishings, styles and current designs. Vendors have a chance to exhibit their newest furniture, home decor and gift items to a broad audience of interested people and professionals, such as me.


It was a wonderful convention, perfectly organized. For me as a European, it was an exceptionally interesting event, taking place in the heart of Las Vegas. I met a large number of creative people and discovered new companies, I hadn't known about before. Being surrounded by thousands of new wonderful styles, the smell of new fabric and colors to die for, left quite an impression on me. Every imaginable style was represented,  starting with traditional American furniture, made with heavy dark wood, continuing with  progressive modern styles and breathtaking home laser show technique for your house. From lavish to cozy and modern, every style and trend found its expression at the Las Vegas market. No style stayed unrepresented and unmentioned.


All those new ideas and trends, I am going to pass on to my clients. I am proud to say, that with good intuition and a very precise eye, I found multiple items that I just couldn't walk past and had to bring home to Arizona.






One specific vendor caught my attention, I saw the furniture and home decor items he had in his exhibition and was very impressed. I knew, that is what I need for my clients and their homes. Immediately I started to picture those precious furniture in homes all over Maricopa County and it just felt right. Needless to say, that I placed a considerable order with that vendor and now I'm waiting for my findings to be delivered, so that I can put them to use.


The Las Vegas Market 2017 was a neatly set up event, every participant I have met was incredibly friendly and open. It feels nothing but wonderful to be greeted with a lovely smile every morning and at every vendors place. The love continued at every one of the multiple workshops I participated. The friendliness of the people carried me over every day and boosted my energy. I have to congratulate the organizational committee, because everything was just perfect. The courtesy shuttle service was always on time, we were supplied with cold, fresh water which really helped us to stay hydrated. Of course everybody was supplied with all kinds of leaflets and brochures. All over the venue you could find information stands, with a friendly face. Multiple direction signs helped you to find your destination at any time. 

For me personally, the excellent cuisine of Las Vegas and its chefs really made for the icing on the cake. The convention was a whole package well packed for me and a huge success.


I participated in a number of seminars and a so-called Bootcamps. I cannot stress enough, that I was learning for life in that training and there will be big changes in my business for its benefits. I simply learned so much and am very eager to forward everything I gained to my clients here in Arizona.


One last thing, I want to thank everybody who participated in making the Las Vegas  Market 2017 a successful convention. Special thanks to the makers of the #Summer Business Bootcamp presented by the #White Orchid Interiors, your professionalism left me with nothing more to want.


I can only recommend everybody who is interested in design, furniture styles and home decor to take part in the next event. Las Vegas is known for nightlife, parties, the gambling and good time friends, but there's so much more to it. Las Vegas skyline, I'll see you in winter for the next Market and cannot wait.


All pictures taken with iPhone 7+, copyright