Seriously now? Could you ever imagine being a house buyer and falling in love with THOSE HOUSES?

October 10, 2018

My Realtor friends, my dear clients,


 I can really only recommend you to see any listing with the eyes of a buyer first. I mean it.


I don’t have to invest a lot of time in searching MLS for bad listings; it is usually enough to browse around for a few minutes and I am well served! It usually upsets me, when I find the first horribly presented listing.


If you were a home buyer, what would your reaction to a poorly prepared listing be?


Regardless of our background knowledge about ZIP Codes and great neighborhoods, just imagine being a client, who is looking to make the largest investment of a lifetime.


How are those clients going to make their decision? They are going to eliminate the houses with bad pictures first! Pictures make or break a listing.


Which house is it going to be, the one for $715,000? (those "professional" pictures are not professional at all!) 



Or the one for $650,000? (that one is already seven months on the market and the price is 40K down. Home made "Staging" photographed with grandma old phone?) 



Or maybe you fall in love with that pool? With bad pictures you don´t. 



One way to burn money is to hire the cheapest stager in town, who usually is being followed up by the cheapest photographer in town.


Or do you prefer home made minimal staging? A pillow to cover a corner, a chair here, some old furnitures from Goodwill? 


You seriously can’t want that and the future home buyer either. Months on the market, big price reductions and sleep less nights ;-) You know that but why you don´t try seriously marketing? Yes, staging and photography is MARKETING! 


Call us today for a free consultation. If you or your client does not have the means to pay up today, we offer a pay-later solution for after the house is sold.


Professionally staged and photographed houses averagely sell for 5 to 20% above asking and below 11 days on the market.


You do the math! The cost of stating is basically zero. In fact, it makes you money! The cherry on top, it is tax deductible.


Contact us and let’s talk numbers! 6028835291


We offer Home Staging AND Professional Photography







Sold in one day above asking.



 Pool to fall in love with!








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