Stage. Sell. PayLater®

January 11, 2018

There are multiple reasons for people to sell their house. Some of which might not be what we have planned for our lives, such as divorce, handling a house we inherited, moving away from the place you lived for a long time. Maybe you are an investor who wants to make a profit of that one house, but it just doesn´t sell fast enough.

Sometimes, a home seller’s financial situation might be in a little distress. Very often in those situations, home sellers decide to not use marketing to further the sales process. Usually the reason is, that their current financial situation doesn’t allow them to pay a professional stager or photographer. Also they know, the extra marketing might make all the difference on the real estate market. Sometimes real estate agents tap into the not-get-one's-check-book-out trap as well. I swipe through listings online a lot and notice, that many million-dollar homes are not presented with professionally taken pictures, let alone Home staging.





Many stories of home sellers, that are known to me, have proven in the past, it is a huge mistake to not use the right marketing tools to advertise your house. Some homes stay on the market unsold for way too long, sometimes month’s or even more than that. Very often people use the tool of price reduction as a last resort, usually that is a financial loss in the end. Houses sell by using the price to further the sales-process as a marketing tool, but should that really be your first choice?

Not only do you risk a financial loss by a slow-selling property, you as well have running cost’s like a mortgage to pay, taxes and maybe HOA to consider for a calculation. How stressful would it be to live – let’s say – abroad, and you still have your house to sell back in Phoenix? It sounds like a lot of work and effort, doesn’t it? The HOA still wants their money and the front yard must be kept up. Running costs like that might weigh heavy on your wallet.

We made up our minds about how we can improve the situation for our customers who might be in a tough spot like that. It is with confidence, that we can offer our customers a very good solution. As of January 2018, we offer a solid Pay Later option. What does that mean? It means a lot of things, mostly it means, that funds are available on the spot and you can use the funds for our services like professional photography or Home Staging. You book our services today and pay the money off later, the service is interest-free for six months. We make sure, your house is taken care of with our services and might sell faster.

Your home deserves the best treatment possible and you will see, it might sell way faster if it is professionally prepared and appealingly presented online.

Once the house is sold, the Mortgage payments stop immediately, and all the other running costs will disappear as well.

You finance your house, your car and other things, so why wouldn’t you consider financing services like home staging and photography as well?



Real estate investors who ran a little short on money, just use the Pay Later option and let us help you with your property. You won’t be disappointed, it’s going to sell in no time and you get your investment back plus a nice profit. Pay Later focuses on investors and private home sellers equally, it fits everybody’s needs, because it is an affordable solution to use money right away and just pay it off later. Private home sellers get the opportunity to finance their new home even faster once their old home is sold, getting that weight of their chest.

We love houses and we love all sellers – let us take care of your needs, now is your time!