How to make your Airbnb listing a money making machine?

October 25, 2017


We are proud to announce that we have been voted to be amongst the 100 best home staging blogs on the World Wide Web by Feedspot Blog Reader. We are truly honored and want to live up to it by publishing a hot-topic blog article today. How to make your Airbnb listing a moneymaking machine! Enjoy the read.







Have you heard about Airbnb yet? You might have, because it is not only an upcoming housing trend, it is by now an established way to make a lot of money with your home.


Airbnb started out as a small company which gave private homeowners the opportunity to list and present their available private rooms, pool houses or full homes on their homepage to rent them out on a daily basis to visitors. This simple principle turned out to be a recipe for great success throughout the entire world. The story behind the success is, that the principle is a win-win for both parties, the guest and the Airbnb host.


Can you imagine, making money by renting out to professionally acquired daily guests? Wouldn’t that be great! Your home is making money for you.

It is quite simple to organize, but it is still not as simple as one might think. There is a good reason, that whole companies were founded, just to take care of the Airbnb hosts needs from A to Z. Of course, they take a fair amount of money from you for their services.


First things first. Crucial to the success of your listing on the Airbnb homepage is of course the presentation. Guests want to feel like home in that space they rent, so appealing pictures are the key to your success. You´re renting out comfort and convienience to go with the room or house.

If you want to be part of a multibillion dollar industry, you better play their game like a million bucks. You don’t have to spend one million Dollar though, because having beautiful pictures taken of your place is more affordable than ever. We offer great solutions for your Airbnb listing, starting with professional photographs that make every Airbnb customer want to stay in your place. If you feel you need a hand with decoration, furniture and setting up the place, we gladly help you with that too. Our “touch up” is a popular service, we come to your place, arrange the furniture and home decor to where it is set up perfectly for photographs. We take great pictures and you are good to go! Success is just around the corner.

Why deal with a faceless company to take care of your Airbnb listing, when you can have an approachable local service provider take care of your needs? Our customized services are perfect for prospective Airbnb hosts, who want things to be set up in a way that makes them feel comfortable and taken good care of.


We care about your success on Airbnb, so let us know if you need further assistance with setting up the account, uploading the pictures and get to know our tips and tricks. We’re here to help make your home work for you with a smile on our face. It´s a smart choice to become part of the Airbnb family, congratulations, host.


Left pictures after staging and professional photography by Margarethe Jaeger. Right pictures from (talented) owner.