Home staging sell homes fast and for more!

February 6, 2018

Not only the sun is hot in Arizona, the real estate market is too. Home sales are on the rise, professional sellers and private sellers are touting for buyers. More and more people decide to sell, great listings come and go. Usually, sellers only have control over the price off their property and its appearance, so it sounds like there's not much you can do to increase your listings success. Or can you? 


Home staging is your solution to have more control over the house you sell! By modifying a properties appearance, you sophisticatedly influence the price. Statistics prove, fully staged homes sell faster and for a better price than their unstaged competition. Especially in a hot market it is crucial to your success, to stand above competition. The national Association of Realtors® is keeping a close eye on statistics. Most recently they stated, that a staged house can sell for up to 17% more* than unstaged comparable properties. Also, booking a home staging service is always less expensive than going through the first price drop!

You speed up the sale process and boost the value of your listing. With a significantly shorter average selling time, you can take on new projects and make more money faster. Basically, it's all about the good old time and money thing. 


Home staging is a marketing tool. Marketing is key, you can easily reach the targeted buyers you want to reach, if you address their needs. Most home buyers nowadays are looking for a home which is in move-in ready condition. We have the tools to transform a home into any condition in demand. Professional home stagers know everything about design demands and trending styles in targeted neighborhoods. To top the service off, you should consider professional photography, which can easily increase your bottom line up to 15%. Significant photographs leave a lasting impression with home buyers and can put a property on the hot list immediately. With the good first impression in mind, pleased home buyers are more likely to purchase.  

A professional stager will alleviate stress for you and help you ease the challenge to sell a property as fast as possible. You will be on the way to take on new projects faster than ever.

Home staging is the future in real estate marketing techniques! Furthermore, professional home staging and photography services are tax deductible. It is a small investment with a guaranteed big gain. Contact us, we are eager to make your listing a home. 



*Based on the national Association of Realtors® profile of home staging