This is our story

July 18, 2017

A European-American success story
This is a story about myself. However, it is also the story of Jaeger Home Staging Photography LLC

JHSP is a business with vivid employees, experience and the right amount of success. But that is not how it started, of course.
I started my life as a businesswoman more than 15 years ago in Germany (then I moved to Switzerland). With little experience, but a lot of ideas, courage and dedication I trained myself for success. I met my then husband in the process of building my business and we decided take this adventure together. We swapped ideas and worked together relentlessly to build something greater. Our one big passion was the real estate market and everything connected to it. We became developers, started to buy houses, mostly fixer uppers, restored them and sold them. A one-stop business, as simple as that.
The years went by, the houses became bigger, the projects more comprehensive and more challenging. I constantly was in the process of improving my skills, took multiple classes to become a consummate real estate photographer. It became my passion. Seeing a beautiful, well furnished house through my camera lenses became one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. We had grown into a well known full-service business with unique success.
In the beginning, every new home staging project in Phoenix I took on was a huge challenge. I found myself dealing with surprising circumstances and technical difficulties that I hadn't even known about. I wouldn't have it any other way, because I learned how to surpass myself and I learned to love the Arizona challenges.
I'm proud to say, that nowadays, as a sole owner of a successful business, I have never lived a happier life and I am on the sunny side of it.